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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

How to Edit CB Editing using Mobile (Lightroom mobile ) in 2019

How to Edit CB editing Using Mobile Like Photoshop:-

what is CB editing:-
CB edits Are Art Of Manipulation In Nick Collection. CB Edits Require A Photoshop To DO CB Editing U just Need To Download Nick Collection And use Nick Collection Picture. It Improves Ur CB Edits.

Is it possible on Mobile:-

Generally CB editing in photoshop. But we can editing CB editing on phone it may not exactly look like photoshop editing but nearly similar to in the phone we can use an application which name is Adobe lightroom Mobile.

How to Edit:-

first of all, you have to clear the other unwanted object of the image by using Picsart or other different application. Follow the steps:-

for better conformation watch my tutorial.after cloning save the image by using Draw tool.

then share the image in Lightroom mobile. first, adjust the light of the image by using the following data 

Exposure: -0.20
Contrast: 6
Highlights: -100
Shadows: 82
whites: -100
Blacks: -12

After doing the adjustment save the image and again input the image in Lightroom and adjust the data by watching Tutorial

Watch Tutorial Here:-

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